About Jenny

Jenny Nguyen was loved by many at Keys Gate Charter School, where she almost completed the sixth grade as an honor roll student in the gifted program. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, 12-year old Jenny was a longtime resident of Homestead. When others would ask about Jenny, her friends’ responses would always be, “Jenny’s awesome!” In April 2011, she and her sixth-grade class were all excited to be attending their first “boy/girl” party. Tragically, that would be the last day that Jenny would be with her friends and family. On Saturday, April 16, 2011, Jenny went into water that was too deep for her limited swimming ability and was not able to make it out on her own.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to memorialize Jenny through the Swim for Jenny Memorial Fund and campaign. With your help, we can accomplish our goal of ensuring that every child will have basic water safety and swimming skills. In her memory, let us ensure that the legacy she leaves to others through the Swim for Jenny Memorial Fund is as she was to so many, simply “Awesome.”

The “Swim for Jenny” memorial fund was established to honor Jenny Nguyen, who tragically lost her life in 2011 in a drowning accident.

Help us Save Lives. Teach a child to swim.